How We Do It

General Installation Information

All installations are performed by our license-bonded and insured employees. We generally arrive at your home at 7:30 in the morning. If you are interested and available, our foreman will walk you through the job site, confirming everything that was discussed during the design consultation. The crew will then mount our low voltage transformer in the most sensible, unobtrusive location chosen to be easily accessible during maintenance. The transformer powers low voltage cables that run into your yard in a manner which ensures that all lights receive equal power. We very strongly recommend that transformers are always mounted on the outside of the home. This insures that we do not need to disturb you or schedule appointments requiring you to be home for future maintenance.

Getting Ready For Installation

One of the most basic but challenging steps of preparing a house for a new lighting installation is trimming the surrounding bushes and other foliage.  We require 20 inches of clearance from the house all around the property for the lighting to achieve the proper effect. Once complete, we remove and dispose of all trimmings as necessary.

Most installations are completed within a day or less.

Before and After Home with Landscape Lighting