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Beautiful homes and landscapes deserve spectacular lighting all year long… we’ll take your breath away!

Jeff Mitchell Lighting has built its reputation on successfully installing revolutionary landscape lighting systems using innovative techniques developed by the owner Jeff Mitchell.  Since the beginning, Jeff Mitchell Lighting has taken on tasks considered to be impossible and has met the challenges with great success.  This value of innovation and excellence is shared by all the company’s employees.





Many homes have a magnificent pool, but the daytime oasis can become dangerous and sometimes even spooky at night without the proper landscape lighting. Too often clients rely on coach lights, lanterns, and ugly security lights that fail to provide the beautiful aesthetic effect while attracting bugs. By illuminating your pool and its surroundings, we create a sense of safety and security that exceeds the homeowners’ expectations.Beautiful pool with light up trees


Due to their inherent construction, existing lighting often cannot provide the ambiance needed to enjoy your deck in the evening hours. Carefully placed fixtures in discrete locations will subtly provide the desired mood. We often mount lights on the deck’s fence or rails, illuminating the space while defining its boundaries. Wires are masked by custom strips selected to match the deck’s finish.


Perhaps the simplest form of lighting we provide, pathway lighting can softly illuminate any driveway, pathway, or receding area. We have thousands of fixtures available, most of which can be obtained within a week’s time.

Moon Lighting

At Jeff Mitchell Lighting we have improved and perfected many of our industry’s techniques, but we are perhaps most noted for our approach to moon lighting or more commonly known as down lighting. The process, easier to demonstrate than describe, is portrayed in several photos in our portfolio that show lights mounted between 70 and 80 feet high in the trees – from the ground up. We are able to achieve this effect by literally climbing up into the trees to install and maintain the lights. At these heights, the fixtures create a unique glow, bathing areas in light which could simply not be illuminated in any other fashion. The challenges of this technique demand specific materials, including fixtures that attach the lights to the trees, stainless steel screws, and specially designed brackets. If the lights are not maintained they will eventually be shed off as the tree grows.

Curb Appeal Homes

Your first vision when returning home is your front yard. It’s the area you see the most and that others see first. At night, the darkness masks the beauty of your home and threatens its security. By carefully accentuating its best features and engulfing less desirable areas in shadows, lighting can greatly enhance the appearance and safety of your property at night.Front of house with beautiful landscape lighting

Recent Projects

The traditional customers of Jeff Mitchell Lighting have already purchased a lighting system from another contractor who usually specialized in either lighting, irrigation, or landscape services. Eighty percent of the systems we replace are less than five years old and never provided the effect or liability desired by the customer. Most of the time these systems were designed incorrectly using materials of dubious quality. For example, the chosen transformer did not provide the requisite power that the system needed to be effective.

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    Please keep in mind that if there are two homeowners, it is essential that we meet both during our first visit as there are many things to learn, discuss, and decide. During the lighting consultation we will concisely educate you on all the available lighting techniques and equipment. We bring a large display case that illustrates many of the most popular fixtures and finishes that we offer, giving you the opportunity to see the premium quality of our equipment firsthand. Given that two properties are rarely identical, we can work together to customize a lighting system to satisfy your needs. We have many photographs in addition to the portfolio shown on our website which will likely illustrate a lighting solution for your home. During this appointment, which typically lasts one hour, we will present you with a written proposal composed in clear and concise terms.